Transformation Tuesday – Yearling Edition!

Our lovely yearling American Saddlebred filly, Notoriously Merry WF (Bobese x Highpoint’s Queen Merry) had a little extra grooming yesterday while waiting for the farrier. As with everything, Tori, who is a maternal half-sister to Doodad, took it all in stride. She is a joy to work with, as she is so accepting and willing.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day as a breeder, and a real drag when your horses are up to their knees in mud for weeks at a time. We’ve come out of mud season to be smacked full in the face with temps in the 90’s and greenheads as big as dimes. I know I look at the broodmares and babies and see rough coats, the occasional bite mark from a disagreement, awkward growth stages and gawky limbs. It can be discouraging!

Seeing Tori yesterday helped that. I thought I’d share two photos – one from yesterday and one from late March, for comparison. These images, taken almost exactly 3 months apart, show just how quickly things can change for the better!

She’s not posed perfectly and that’s fine. I’m not afraid to share! She’s grown a couple inches, her head and facial features are sharpening, her neck is becoming more shapely, her coat is slick and shiny, and her freshly pulled mane accentuates the blonde. I couldn’t be prouder of this little gal, who calmly walked onto the trailer last week and hauled over to Masterson with her big brother, let me pony her, and walked over all the Greenie XC jumps – all for the first time. She is a special one.

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