🌹 Roseglow 🌹 update 🌹 5/16 πŸŒΉ

We were able to take Roseglow and Primrose out in a lovely paddock earlier today. Walking is good for Roseglow, and the paddock has the advantage of letting little Prim stretch her legs.

Roseglow was having a more comfortable day today and had passed a few more small piles this morning. The rest of the impaction has softened considerably, and her demeanor was much improved from last night. She showed a great deal of interest in the hay her neighbor in the clinic was getting, and wanted to graze while we were outside, which she showed zero interest in yesterday.

While this is definitely progress, she has a long way to go and is not out of the woods. We appreciate your continued prayers, well wishes and support as Roseglow continues to fight!


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