Roseglow 🌹 update 5/24

Roseglow has been feeling much better the last couple days. She is now getting fluids not only via her IV and the NG tube, but also through a rectal tube. As uncomfortable as that may sound, she doesn’t seem to notice and has been passing some fibrous pieces intermittently with fluid, which is a good sign.

Her pain meds have been reduced significantly, and her team has added electrolytes to her IV to help her, as she hasn’t eaten normally in close to two weeks. Sterling and I were able to take her and Prim our to the paddock to graze yesterday evening for about 45 minutes. It was wonderful to see Roseglow looking brighter and grazing, and so we let her eat and took the opportunity to work with Prim.

If you would like to make a donation, there are a few options. Direct donations to Venmo (@asb_own_me) or PayPal (clicking that link will take you directly to my Contact Park Equine Hospital at (859) 873-7275 to make a payment directly to the account. If you choose to contact Park directly, please ask to donate to account #16309 for Roseglow 🌹Donate to the Facebook fundraiser. Our larger sale items can be found here, and we also have a few horses for sale.

Right as we headed back to their stall, a ladybug 🐞 flew up and landed on Roseglow’s tail. That’s got to be a good sign, right?

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