🌹 Roseglow 5/27 – we need all your positive energy and prayers

Roseglow had been looking bright and happy the last few days, grazing on her regular outings while still receiving fluids via IV, NG tube and rectally. The impaction was palpating smaller and less firm and we were all optimistic that it was just a matter of time that she would suddenly “paint the stall” and we would all be rejoicing.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. Upon examination earlier this evening, the smaller (good) impaction had progressed through her colon (good) but inexplicably felt firmer. Bad. It also had stopped at a precarious position where, by its weight, it was starting to cause a twist. Worse.

Barring better news upon reexamination tomorrow morning, it is Roseglow’s veterinary team’s expert recommendation, founded on years of experience and weeks of fighting this thing, that despite the very real and scary risks, she will have surgery tomorrow afternoon to remove what remains of the impaction. We are out of options at this point, and although the surgery will be complicated, it is our last hope of saving Roseglow’s life.

If you would like to make a donation, there are a few options. Direct donations to Venmo (@asb_own_me) or PayPal (clicking that link will take you directly to my PayPal.me). Contact Park Equine Hospital at (859) 873-7275 to make a payment directly to the account. If you choose to contact Park directly, please ask to donate to account #16309 for Roseglow 🌹Donate to the Facebook fundraiser. Our larger sale items can be found here, and we also have a few horses for sale.

The day I bought Roseglow
Roseglow with her 2019 filly, Olenna WF

Thank you to everyone who has donated.

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