Sales FAQs

Sales FAQs:

When are you available to show horses? This varies due to work and show schedules, thus times are strictly by appointment. Some of our horses are at our Lawrenceburg farm and some are at our Paris location. Please schedule your appointment in advance.

What is your sales policy? I operate on a first come first serve basis to appropriate, qualified buyers. I do not hold horses. Horses are available until they are paid for or until a vetting is actually set. If a buyer schedules a vetting, a horse will be held; however, the horse may continue to be shown to other potential buyers until the vetting is complete and payment is made. There are many reasons that a buyer may pass on a horse during a vetting, while another buyer may be perfectly happy with the results of the vetting.

A horse may be sold to someone sight unseen before your appointment to come and see it. Should that happen, I  will always notify a potential buyer before they make the drive out to my farm. However, we do breed, train and develop many nice horses and I hope we could find another that would suit!

What payment methods do you accept? I accept wire transfers, cashiers checks and pre-approved PayPal. Personal checks on a limited, pre-approved basis for transactions under $2,500 and all checks must clear before the horse leaves my farm.

Do you have a list of vets in your area?
Park Equine, (859) 873-7275
Rood & Riddle (859) 233-0371
Hagyard Equine (859) 255-8741

Do you ship or have a list of shippers? We can ship within a 150-mile radius for an agreed-upon rate. There are also several large companies that are active in the area that you can contact, including Elite Horse Transport, BrookLedge, and Sallee.

We have a 7 day pick up policy after your payment has been made. Past 7 days, you will be charged per diem board as stipulated in the purchase agreement.