Carriages, Tack and Equipment For Sale

Waypoint Farm often has carriages, harness, saddles and other tack and equipment available for sale from upgrading or making changes to our own or taking items on consignment from our clients. Please contact us with any questions about any item available for sale, or about consigning your own equipment! Prices do not include shipping.


Dos-a-dos – ready to drive with your pair or four in hand. Made in England. Green gear, blue body, black stripe. completely rebuilt. Original wheel wrench. Hand and foot brake. Pair/four-in-hand pole. Seats four. Brown tweed upholstery. $5,500

Alexandra Dog Cart – Restored Antique. Winner every time out! Maker unknown. Green and black, with black and gold striping, seat top adjusts for balance, seats two to four, very nice bedford cord upholstery, shown single and tandem, lamp brackets, fits 15 – 16.2 horses. $4,000


Kuhnle black and brass carriage lamps – $550

Comes with artificial candles and heavy duty, sturdy padded carrying case.

Basic measurements as follows:

Overall height – 37mm side lamps, 35mm rear lamp

Overall stem length – 15.5mm

Brass stem length *under bracket* – 10.5mm

Stem diameter – 3mm

Stem diameter *at bracket* – 4mm

Freedman Euro-Utility Leather Four-in-Hand/Pair Harness ***WILL SPLIT INTO PAIR SETS** or you may purchase the entire four-in-hand set.  This harness is in excellent condition, and new was over $11K. Today’s retail price would exceed $14k. Black leather and Stainless. Nylon reinforced leather – Fits 15.2 to 16.2 – Stainless D end traces and/or roller bolt traces – Patent leather on blinds (marks from old monograms) roger rings for wheelers – Four in hand saddle terrets removable for pair – Complete set four in hand reins – Modified yankee style breeching (w/trace carriers) for a pair or wheelers – Trace carriers for leaders or pairs. Pair sets available at $2,500 and four-in-hand set available at $5,000.

Russet Leather Single Harness Unknown maker Good quality russet harness with stainless fittings Will fit large pony to small horse, please check measurements to confirm. -slot end, buckle-in traces adjustments from 58”-66” – saddle adjusts from 48”-64” – quick release shaft tugs – girth is 25” – Back strap from 29”-39” – breeching – 50” – breastplate – 48” – brown synthetic reins included. $850

Other reins available:

1) Leather Pony 4-in-hand leader reins: 3/4” rein width, billets 5/8” wide 23’3” to direct rein buckle 67” Split to direct rein buckle 71” split to coupling rein buckle (Note: stitched coupling rein; reins are punched for buckles) Rein billet 3”, adjusts to 7” NEW – $342, asking $175

2) Zilco Achenbach pony pair reins with hand stops, punched for rein buckles **PLEASE NOTE – there is a set of leader reins available we have not measured yet** 87” to middle hole 170” to buckled direct rein 89” length of coupling rein 3/4” rein width NEW – $205, asking $100. **If you would like the entire set to make a pony 4-in-hand, asking price $200**


17.5” MW Arthur Kottas Imperial dressage saddle. It fits a wide variety of horses. 16” flap length. Unobtrusive yet supportive thigh blocks. Billets in excellent condition, have reinforced tops. Very good saddle for a low price, has been well taken care of and will last its new owner a long time. $800