SOLD – Kalarama’s African Grey

KALARAMA’S AFRICAN GREY – 2016 American Saddlebred filly – SOLD to Adriana Shilling in IL!

Caisson x Callaway’s Sweet Child of Mine by WC Callaway’s Blue Norther

NEW VIDEOS!!! 4/6/19 – here is Violet yesterday, in her second time ever cantering under saddle, and also looking relaxed over a set of trot poles.

Canter tracking left

Canter tracking right

Trot poles!

Today, we did it all again, and then went on a long hack down to the river to go for a swim! Violet walked in, took a drink and walked right upstream like a salmon!

3/12/19 – in her 7th/8th ride, Violet shows some lovely trot work and changes of bend in the arena, opens a gate and goes on her first hack!

Trot work

Opening a gate

First hack out

Halting calmly in the middle of the 200+ acre field


Bath and mane trim today!


“Violet” is a stunning grey filly with a white strip/snip that will easily mature over 16hh. She has proven herself a good thinker and quick study. Violet is going walk and trot under saddle and WTC in the lines. Next step will be to take her off-property to a dressage show for exposure to different venues and groups of horses.

With her lovely head and neck, size and bravery, she will make a stunning partner. Violet is a correct mover with three elastic gaits. With effortless overtrack at the walk and a big canter stride, she will excel in the dressage arena or as an eventing mount. She has been ridden in company and is unbothered by other horses even in extremely close proximity.

Violet walking under saddle, first time without a header

Violet trotting under saddle, first time without a header and first time outside

Violet’s first time around the outdoor arena

Violet’s first ground poles

Violet’s first time at the mounting block

Violet’s first time ridden outside an arena – relaxed as can be!

Canter, right lead

Canter, left lead

First time carrying a different rider

Currently priced at $6,500, subject to increase with training. Contact us to schedule a time to see her today!