A busy start to 2021 at Waypoint Farm

New, bigger farm ✅

Seven new pastures fenced, ✅

273 barn and indoor projects in progress, ✅

More fun has been the time we’ve spent together with our young stock, and some of our other horses who had some time off while we were moving and organizing. It is so satisfying to have everyone in one beautiful location!

Notoriously Merry WF, Doodad’s half sister, is a 3-year-old this year, and isn’t so little anymore. She wants to learn ALL the things. Backing her was calm and easy since she has spent so much time beside Doodad and me, being ponied around Masterson and other places. The concept of me over her head was nothing new. The day after I first backed her, Sterling took her out for her first long-lining lesson.

Mom’s up there, I don’t care!
First time in lines, no problem!

Olenna WF, our stunning homebred who was the highest scoring FEH yearling in the country last year, is now a 2-year-old. Olenna learned to pony off Doodad and then wore a surcingle and checked out one of the carriages.

First time ponying, no problems walk trot and whoa both directions
Tack? Sure! Carriage? Cool!

We are looking forward to preparing for the upcoming show season with a few select horses, welcoming four foals this spring and seeing what else this new year has to offer! Also…a girl can dream about a vacation, right?

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