Don’t be the person who can’t see the forest for the trees

On April 15, CH Good Deal and I completed an FEI* – together. A first for us both, and after just two seasons of driving. Our partnership that began with a little brown horse, only 4 years old, who wanted a person of his own…and the girl who wasn’t looking for another horse and certainly didn’t need a horse that was like riding a wet noodle upstream.

I am so proud of Doodad. We did this together, which was so important to me. We trained and made improvements and worked with what we had as a team. I didn’t give up on him even though some days I cried. He’s been my partner for more than ten years and we’ve done it all. WE CAN DO THIS TOO.

Every day he’s driven for the last month, we have worked to change over a decade of training that was contrary to what’s now being asked of him. At 15, he is trying. At 15, he is learning and growing and making progress. I am so proud of him for the weekend. I am actually happy that he had a meltdown in the middle of our dressage test, because now I know he can come back to focus and work. 

I am well aware that Doodad does not look like the other horses competing. Our show was successful. He did his entire dressage test without his chin touching his chest! That is progress!

I’m thankful for those around me who can appreciate and celebrate these small steps of progress with me. 

I’m sorry for those who can’t see the forest for the trees.


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