Our New Addition

Waypoint Farm’s new addition, a healthy bay colt born April 8, is the first foal of a fledgling breeding program. To pin the hopes and dreams of a new business on a month-old baby is unfair, to say the least. So I scratch his fuzzy rump, ice my fiance’s jaw after we wrestled with “Baby N” to put his first halter on, and take candid video of him bopping around the paddock. Looking to the future. The next foal, the next breeding. The next year, the next three, the next ten. Reminding myself that none of it is this adorable colt’s responsibility, and enjoying the moment in front of me.

Remember the old joke that makes non-horsey friends and relatives laugh, and horse people cringe: ” How do you make a small fortune in the horse business? Start with a large one.” It’s no secret I don’t have a large one. Or a small one. What I do have is love for this process. I know how to work hard, how to plan ahead and maybe even more importantly, how to ask for help. I can’t do it on my own, but I can do it with the help of those I love and trust.

I’m looking ahead. Awaiting the arrival of our second foal, due in a matter of weeks. Looking forward to my fiance helping me teach this colt to lead…and possibly applying more ice 🙂 Breeding my two gorgeous mares back to my phenomenal stallion and waiting for my first two homebreds to arrive. What a rush this will be!


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