Blessed are the broodmares…Heaven sent the nursemare!

It has been one week since we lost our beloved Roseglow. She was the absolute best - beautiful, talented, affectionate, smart. A thrill to ride and a joy to be around. As a broodmare, she was equally perfect - easy to get in foal, a wonderful companion to our stallion and a fantastic mother to… Continue reading Blessed are the broodmares…Heaven sent the nursemare!

🌹Roseglow🌹3/27/13 – 6/5/20

🌹Roseglow🌹3/27/13 - 6/5/20 Two years to the day I bought her, we had to make the absolutely wrenching decision to let her go.She fought so incredibly hard, but she just couldn’t go on any longer.Roseglow gave us two stunning fillies to carry on her legacy, and we will never forget her beauty, her talent and… Continue reading 🌹Roseglow🌹3/27/13 – 6/5/20

🌹Roseglow 6/1🌹

It’s been very slow going since the surgery on Thursday. Roseglow has not demonstrated much of an appetite, but she is receiving much-needed calories from Well-Gel and is drinking well. Today we had a beautiful second poop: And she was grazing with more focus this morning: She’s also showing more interest in her surroundings, nickering… Continue reading 🌹Roseglow 6/1🌹