Blessed are the broodmares…Heaven sent the nursemare!

It has been one week since we lost our beloved Roseglow. She was the absolute best – beautiful, talented, affectionate, smart. A thrill to ride and a joy to be around. As a broodmare, she was equally perfect – easy to get in foal, a wonderful companion to our stallion and a fantastic mother to her foals. I have felt her loss like a hollow pit in my very core this week, and I imagine I will for a long time to come.

One of my favorite photographs of Roseglow – Vinny “kissing” her in the sunset 🌅

This week was hard. Sometimes I would look at Prim and burst into tears. As the days passed, Prim seemed to feel more unsettled, not less. It seemed she missed the constant flow of people and attention at the clinic, and of course the presence of Roseglow. I was keeping her on a steady schedule, but she was frantic when would leave and started to lie down more frequently. When outside, she would pace the fenceline incessantly. Sterling and I were worried for her emotional well-being and also knew it could spiral to affecting her physical health. We could provide her nutrition, but we couldn’t be her mother.

Enter a very generous benefactor and Nursemares of the Northeast. After a call to Bronwyn at Cold Spring Nurse Mares and learning they had booked their final mare, she referred me to Laura with Nursemares of the Northeast. Thankfully we got one of her two remaining mares, and Laura headed our way, driving overnight Wednesday after her truck had been repaired.


The top of Laura’s paperwork reads, “Blessed are the broodmares…Heaven sent the nursemare!” Someone special surely sent us “Influenced”, a 12 year old TB mare who, after over 12 hours on the trailer, walked into Prim’s stall and wanted nothing more than to love on her. Prim was understandably confused and a little scared at first, but she figured it out quickly with much vocal encouragement from her “bonus mom” and was soon nursing greedily and letting Influenced slurp on her 😛

Later that day when I saw Prim down for a nap, she was like a different foal. It was as though she had taken a big deep breath after a week of hyperventilating. She looked absolutely serene with this big gentle mare standing over her. I’m sure Roseglow would be so happy to know there was another mare taking such careful care with her precious Prim as she had 💗

Their first day outside


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