We are excited to announce we are expecting three foals in 2023:

Vanando A x Athena WF, a full sibling to Revelation WF

Jaleet x Fanfare WF, a full sibling to Premonition WF

Vanando A x Verdini, a maternal sibling to Lindrini WF, Mblem WF, Nticing WF and Rhoudini WF


We welcomed a very special and long-dreamed of foal in 2022. STARMAN WF is sired by the famous Trakehner stallion Abdullah PgE and out of our mare Athena WF. Ziggy is a keeper for Waypoint Farm.


REVELATION WF (Vanando A x Athena WF), KWPN filly

REVELRY WF (Vanando A x Highpoint’s Queen Merry), KWPN x ASB colt

RADEEANT WF (Vanando A x Didee RW), KWPN filly

RHOUDINI WF (Unbelievable x Verdini), KWPN filly


PANDEMONIUM WF (Vanando A x Hart’s Queen Cobra), KWPN registered DHH x ASB colt

PREMONITION WF (Jaleet x Fanfare WF), KWPN registered DHH colt – SOLD

PRIMROSE WF (Vanando A x Roseglow), KWPN registered DHH x ASB filly – SOLD


ONSLAUGHT WF (RWC Royalty’s Triumph x Hart’s Queen Cobra), American Saddlebred filly – SOLD

OLENNA WF (Vanando A x Roseglow), KWPN registered DHH x ASB filly

In the paddock


Nero WF (JZ Bee J x Top Her), KWPN & ADHHA

Notoriously Merry WF (Bobese x Highpoint’s Queen Merry), ASB