Roseglow grazing!

Roseglow spent some time outside today in the sunshine, Primrose by her side and grazing on fresh green grass. Since her team feels the rest of the impaction is well-saturated, she was given a break from the NG tube. The idea is to stimulate her digestive system and “remind” it to start working again. Today… Continue reading Roseglow grazing!

Roseglow update/ways to help

This morning’s update is positive, but as many positive updates have been, still guarded. Liquid is moving through her system, but the full impaction has not cleared. The initial impaction was the size of TWO FOALS, if you can imagine that. Roseglow has been an absolute champ through this ordeal and and has shown amazing… Continue reading Roseglow update/ways to help

🌹 Roseglow 🌹 update 🌹 5/16 🌹

We were able to take Roseglow and Primrose out in a lovely paddock earlier today. Walking is good for Roseglow, and the paddock has the advantage of letting little Prim stretch her legs. Roseglow was having a more comfortable day today and had passed a few more small piles this morning. The rest of the… Continue reading 🌹 Roseglow 🌹 update 🌹 5/16 🌹

Don’t be the person who can’t see the forest for the trees

On April 15, CH Good Deal and I completed an FEI* - together. A first for us both, and after just two seasons of driving. Our partnership that began with a little brown horse, only 4 years old, who wanted a person of his own...and the girl who wasn't looking for another horse and certainly… Continue reading Don’t be the person who can’t see the forest for the trees