Trail ride!

Notoriously Merry WF (Tori) was fantastic on her first trail ride at Masterson Equestrian Trust (MET) being ponied off her big brother CH Good Deal.
She trotted calmly across wide-open fields, crossed streets, saw several larger XC jumps, went through an arbor, jumped a BN ditch, crossed a creek, played in the BN water, did a little down bank and up bank, and crossed a bridge!
She met a whole group of kiddos on bicycles and learned that wheels (and small humans!) are a-ok, saw lots of dogs and, when we finally returned to the trailer, learned it’s a good thing to drink while traveling!
Big brother Doodad was a champ convincing her that bicycles and especially water were not scary, and VERY patiently standing in the creek crossing for a long time 😊

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