Weaning Day

There are whinnies bouncing back and forth nonstop across the farm today, as it is weaning day at Waypoint Farm. Our three foals are safely ensconced in a relatively flat paddock with solid fence on all sides, and the geldings they are accustomed to sharing a fence line with have been moved to the paddock adjoining. Their dams stayed in the large pasture on the far side of the farm.

It’s always a little sad, a little nerve wracking and very exciting when the foals are weaned. We will start handling them more – although our are all already used to leading, standing for the farrier, being groomed, etc. – and we will get to see their personalities develop away from their dams.

Prim and Olenna checking each other out

Our youngest, Primrose WF, walked all the way up to the new paddock by herself, and came face to face with her full sister Olenna WF along the way! The other mares were very curious about what was going on. I’m guessing Olenna told Prim she would have some very big shoes to fill in the yearling FEH class next year 😂

Predictably, there was lots of running and bucking and confusion…even then they look adorable. Fingers crossed everything settles down quickly.

Primrose WF (black filly), Pandemonium WF (bay colt), Premonition WF (chestnut colt)

Each of these stellar weanlings is available for sale. Please contact us for more information!

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