Lorianna WINS her first show!

I’m so proud of “Lola”, my 4-year-old KWPN filly (Sir Arie x Glorianda J by Atleet). In her very first Combined Driving Event, Lola was the Training Single Horse CHAMPION at this weekend’s Kentucky Classic hosted at Hermitage Farm in Goshen, KY.

Lola in dressage

A lovely and relaxed dressage test, her very first ever, earned a 50.3 (68.6%). For those unfamiliar with the USEF driven dressage tests, this test is somewhat similar to a ridden First Level test, as it does introduce the lengthened trot.

Double clear!

Cones followed dressage, and Lola stepped up to the challenge with a double clear round, and the fastest in our division. She stayed forward, confident and steady.

Sunday’s marathon would be a bigger challenge, as Lola is still young and hasn’t had a lot of experience seeing new things. The hazards included interesting and “looky” things like a windmill, falling water and life-size purple elephants. Our second hazard was a water hazard, and Lola had only ever crossed water once. Fingers crossed, we headed out…and she did not disappoint!

The final hazard!

I cannot thank Sterling Graburn enough for his patient work with Lola to prepare her for her first show. She has gained so much confidence and strength, learned so much about correct connection and come a long way over these last several months. I’m not able to drive as often as I’d like, yet even as green as she is, he had us BOTH ready to tackle this show together.

So proud of this special filly! Lola is another example of a promising young horse selected by Waypoint Farm. If you are searching for your next equine partner for competition or pleasure, driving or riding, contact us today!

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