Roseglow 🌹 How to help

Roseglow’s progress has stalled in the last couple days. While she remains comfortable and shows significant interest in eating (but unfortunately can’t), she hasn’t passed any more manure and the rest of the impaction hasn’t moved. She’s clearly still trying to fight, but we are scared.

I have had several people ask how they can help with Roseglow’s mounting clinic expenses. She and Prim have been there over a week now with ICU care. I don’t feel comfortable asking, but I cannot ignore the pressure we are under. We are at the point that I cannot turn down help, especially with this on the heels of our foal’s illness and hospitalization a few weeks ago. We’ve crested the five-figure mark between the two cases and the figure continues to climb.

The morning Prim was born 💗

First, I would encourage anyone wanting to help to see if we have anything for sale that you are interested in. In addition to horses, carriages and tack on the website, there are other items available for sale that I have listed on FB Marketplace that are not listed individually here. Sterling is also available for lessons, training, local clinics etc.

If you would like to make a donation, there are a few options. Venmo (@asb_own_me), PayPal (clicking that link will take you directly to my or you can contact Park Equine Hospital at (859) 873-7275 to make a payment directly to the account. If you choose to contact Park directly, please ask to donate to account #16309 for Roseglow 🌹

Thank you to everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all the messages, texts, phone calls etc about Roseglow 🌹 She is an incredibly special and beautiful mare and a wonderful mother. Prim needs her and we want her to be with us for a long time.

Vinny ❤️ Roseglow

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