Roseglow update/ways to help

This morning’s update is positive, but as many positive updates have been, still guarded. Liquid is moving through her system, but the full impaction has not cleared. The initial impaction was the size of TWO FOALS, if you can imagine that. Roseglow has been an absolute champ through this ordeal and and has shown amazing reserves of resilience and strength.

Primrose needs her mom, and we want Roseglow with us for a long time yet. She is only 7 years old. This has been quite a journey but she’s still fighting. We need to support her in any way we can.

Prim loves to sleep touching her mom

In addition to the ways you can donate I listed in the last blog post, I also created a Facebook fundraiser. Our larger sale items can be found here, and we also have a few horses for sale.

Prim gets playtime while Roseglow walks

Sterling and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support during this frightening and stressful time 🌹

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