🌹Roseglow update 6/4

Our mare has the biggest heart ❤️ She has been at this clinic, in this stall, for 23 days. She struggled through the largest impaction many had ever seen, followed by surgery to remove what remained that refused to break apart. She has had an IV catheter, a nasogastric tube passed umpteen times and finally even a rectal fluid tube.

Through all this she has continued to be a careful mama to little Prim, never stepping on her or rolling on her even while in pain, letting her nurse even when her bag was all but dry. Prim’s entire life save the first 48 hours has been spent here at Park Equine. She doesn’t know anything else. She acclimated to milk replacer perfectly and takes advantage of the times the two are able to go outside.

Today, one week post-surgery, things are looking grim. Roseglow just won’t eat. Although she’s receiving necessary calories from Well-Gel, she had already lost a lot of ground pre-surgery. Her guts simply aren’t wanting to work, causing her to have some reflux. Today, her eyes don’t look quite like *her*.

Sterling has been doing reiki treatments on her throughout this ordeal. We are here with her this afternoon, and she will move away and then come back to him repeatedly. She needs to eat, but still doesn’t feel well and her system doesn’t want to kick in. My heart is breaking for her and I feel helpless.

The Facebook fundraiser has ended, and we thank everyone who donated to it for their generosity and support. If you would like to make a donation, there are a still a few ways to do so directly.

Direct donations to Venmo (@asb_own_me) or PayPal (clicking that link will take you directly to my PayPal.me). Contact Park Equine Hospital at (859) 873-7275 to make a payment directly to the account. If you choose to contact Park directly, please ask to donate to account #16309 for Roseglow 🌹Our larger sale items can be found here, and we also have a few horses for sale.

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